Friday, January 18, 2013


Para quem perguntar o que estou aqui a fazer na neve londrina, é isto:

Devising Theatre and Performance

Advanced CourseWhile the emergence of the Poetic Body dominates the journey in the Initiation Course, the Advanced Course focuses on a contemporary approach to different theatrical territories and performance languages. All of the languages you will explore are very physical, and demand from you the ability to negotiate highly transposed levels of play. The aim is to increase your physical, poetical and intellectual understanding of the underlying structures within very different theatrical territories. This exploration will not only allow you to develop a better insight into what kind of theatre and performance you feel really passionate about, but also the ability to go beyond already existing forms in order to create your own work.

Advanced Course Program
Epic Drama
The grand passions of human nature
Human comedy and Farce
Chorus and the hero in tragedy and modern drama
Buffons, fools and the folie of the mysterious
Theatre of the Grotesque
The clown and the red nose
The comic worlds of the Burlesque and the Absurd
Cabaret Comique
Techniques of dramatic construction
Introduction to classical and modern text
Final group performances